Triathlon Rules

Various Triathlon events follow different rules depending on the organisers of said event and the restrictions that the event or course may present.

The Trinidad and Tobago Triathlon Federation is guided by the International Triathlon Union (ITU) and as such we follow their rules as much as possible for our National Events.

You can click here for the ITU’s complete list of rules. Additionally, please see below for a brief look and some of the basic rules all triathletes should adhere to.

  • All swimmers must wear swim caps
  • You cannot ride in transition
  • Helmet must be buckled once on
  • One cannot remove their bike from the bike rack or begin riding unless their helmet is buckled
  • Where possible stay to the left  
  • Alert other athletes when passing… E.g “Passing on your right”!
  • Athletes cannot get help from family or friends. Not even water.
  • All athletes must ride and run with shoes.
  • Torsos must be covered for the ride and run

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