Triathlon Basics

Making the decision to do a triathlon is a great one.  It is likely that you would have been exposed to one of the three disciplines of this endurance sport and done some research on which distance you felt you could manage for your first attempt.

Most persons start with the sprint distance which requires you to swim 750 meters, ride 20 kilometers and run a 5 kilometer at the end of it all.

There are many factors that an adult triathlete must consider, such as how much time to spend on training for the sport, how many rest days would be needed, as well as how it would affect your family life and work life.

Let us look at what is needed for each discipline of this sport.


‘Keep Fit’ aquathlon, hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Triathlon Federation at Las Cuevas Bay. February 21st, 2016.

You should be swimming at least a minimum of three days per week, especially if this is not your strong discipline.  You would need to secure pool time (or swim at a beach), a proper swimsuit, swim cap, goggles, kick board, fins, pull buoy and paddles.

You should also consider investing in a swim coach.  This person will guide you on your technique and help you to become faster and fitter in the water.


This is the most expensive discipline because you would need to invest in a bicycle which can be quite costly.  We suggest that to start you look for a second hand bike that would suit your needs.  There is a Facebook page called TnT Sports Goods for Sale that always has bikes advertised for sale. You would need to secure a good helmet and you may or may not decide to get clip-less shoes.

As a first time cyclist on the roads of Trinidad & Tobago, you should use roads that are less traveled by cars, for safety or go to the Diego martin Highway which is closed to traffic on Sunday mornings from 6:30a.m. – 9:00a.m. to get the necessary practice needed.  

When you have become comfortable on your bicycle and feel that you are ready to join a group ride, you can join Mike’s Bikes long ride which leaves from the Diego Martin Highway on Sunday mornings with a police escort, so that you are safe on the nation’s roads.  Once you have been riding for a least one month, you can consider getting a cycle coach for that extra guidance and motivation.  There is also the option of joining a multi-sport club.  You can find a list of clubs on the Trinidad & Tobago Triathlon Federation website.

Keep Fit Triathlon. 17th February, 2019.


‘Keep Fit’ aquathlon, hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Triathlon Federation at Las Cuevas Bay. February 21st, 2016.

Running clothes and running shoes are all you need to do this activity.  You can run just about anywhere to start.  Try to build up to running for at least 30 minutes to 40 minutes non-stop. There are many online running programs for the experienced triathlete who cannot join a club for the coaching expertise.  However, if running is not your forte or if you think that you could use assistance in this sport, you can once again turn to a multi-sport club for this assistance.


Certainly the one thing you can do by yourself.  In working out your new training schedule for triathlon, take into consideration your rest days first, then work around that to build a schedule.

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