TTTF National Aquathlon

Congratulations to all the incredible athletes who took on the challenge of the TTTF National Aquathlon 2024! The spirit of competition and camaraderie was truly inspiring, and we are thrilled to have witnessed such an impressive display of athleticism.

Sprint Male Overall

  • 1st Liam d’Abadie
  • 2nd Jacob Cox
  • 3rd Jean-Marc Granderson

Sprint Female Overall

  • 1st Amelia Rajack
  • 2nd Jenae Price
  • 3rd Ashleigh Thomas

Super Sprint 13–15 Male Overall

  • 1st Marcus Alexander
  • 2nd Benjamin Carmino
  • 3rd Josiah Alexander

Super Sprint 13–15 Female Overall

  • 1st Leah de Freitas
  • 2nd Maleah Butler
  • 3rd Gianna Pichery

Mini 11–12 Male Overall

  • 1st Aiden Nixon
  • 2nd Khristian Allen
  • 3rd Alexander Farnum

Mini 11–12 Female Overall

  • 1st Elin Stone
  • 2nd Charlotte Scott

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TTTF National Aquathlon

Article published on Mar 19, 2024.

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