Triathlon Camp for Junior Athletes

7 of our junior athletes accompanied by 2 coaches attended a 2 week long triathlon camp in Puerto Rico hosted by the Confederation of the Americas (CAMTRI), the continental governing body for the sport.

The goal of the camp which was held from 19th June – 2nd July 2017 was to further develop knowledge, skills and techniques in the sport of triathlon and about the nutrition required for juniors (16 -19) in the sport.

It was an intense two weeks with training workload above what the athletes were accustomed to. Most of our athletes excelled during the swim, ride and run test events  and took advantage of the facility and training, developing close friendships with some pf the other athletes. We hope to see them excel in the sport in the future.

The athletes were: Jean-Marc Granderson, Selik Leacock, Ayomide Gilbert-Semper, Logan Raymond, Rachel Grosberg, Kirsten St. Omer and Noa Shepherd.The coaches were Alison Elliott and Ricardo Chacin.

Triathlon Camp for Junior Athletes

Article published on Sep 03, 2017.

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