New Ranking System for Schools Multi-Sport Series

The TTTF Schools Multi-Sport Series kicked off Saturday 19th October with the Atlantic Primary Schools Aquathlon Championships and the TTTF Secondary Schools Aquathlon Championships. This was the start of the 6th school series and with that brought a few changes.

In light of so many National athletes being part of the school series, the TTTF included for the first time a competitive and non-competitive grouping within the secondary school age group races. The idea behind it was to ensure that young, developing athletes especially those new to the sport are able to race against their peers without the intimidation of the already established athletes. And should your school also have a national athlete, then great! You now get the chance to earn double the points should both competitive and non competitive athletes podium.

The way in which points were awarded for overall placing and relays were also slightly altered to allow for more opportunities for schools to earn points. Individuals earn points for their school once they place within the top 5. And schools with relay teams earn points up to 10th place.

The Aquathlon series ended with the following points standing. Will these schools be able to hold on to their top spots as the multi-sport events continue?

Primary Schools’ Standings after the Aquathlon
Bishops Anstey Jr.920
St. Monica’s570
St. Andrew’s305
St. Peter’s Private180
St. Xavier’s Private175
Holy Name Prep100
Maria Regina90
Secondary Schools’ Standing after the Aquathlon
St. Mary’s College470
Maple Leaf270
Bishops East190
Holy Name180
Trinity East115
Iere High90
St. Francois85
New Ranking System for Schools Multi-Sport Series

Article published on Oct 22, 2019.

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