March 1st 2015 Keep Fit – Start List

Here is the start list for this Sunday’s Keep Fit Triathlon (March 1st 2015).

RIDE – 4 loops (From the launch pad to power boats and back)
RUN – 3 loops (from launch pad to Base Nightclub and back)


  • Albada Edward
  • Chin Ian
  • Chung Matthew
  • Clark Angelo
  • Daniel Derek
  • Edwards Raoul
  • Elfakahany Mohamed
  • Haqq Derek
  • Ho Joshua
  • Isava Joel
  • Lalla Naveen
  • Llanos Christian
  • Marchack Scott
  • Mcintosh Ryan
  • Mollineau Ron
  • Murphy Adrian
  • Ramadhar Ravindra
  • Ramadhar Ravi
  • Sequera Juan
  • Walker Enrique
  • Wall Nigel
  • Whiteman Andrew
  • Wilson Kris


  • Charles Kelly-Ann
  • Drakes Aliya
  • Gomez Jodi
  • Harrinauth Riana
  • Ifill Maegan
  • Kong Karen
  • Morton-Gittens Miranda
  • Padmore Shinelle
  • Raymond Petronilla
  • Stauble Lily

March 1st 2015 Keep Fit – Start List

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