Tobias Wins Triathlon Trials

Clarence Tobias, 35, won the Trinidad and Tobago Triathlon Association (TTTA) Sprint trial at Las Cuevas on Sunday. He competed the Sprint– 750m swim.20km cycle/5km run-event– in 1 hour 16.17.

In second spot was Chanderpaul Ramnarine, 23, of Penal Triathletes, in one hour 19.44. Because of their placing in the event, both athletes will represent Trinidad and Tobago at the Nevis Carino Helath Spa triathlon on March 15. Ancil Greene, 33, was beaten into third sport, although he was first out of the water. Behind his was Ricardo Chacin, 40, of Rainbow Warriors. Tobias is expected to compete in the Olympic distance event, which is double the Sprint distance, while Chanderpaul will do the Sprint distance.

The Nevis race is designated as a Continental Cup event in which athletes race for world ranking points. Because of this, the race attracts triathletes from all over the world. Leading in the ladies Lara Smith, followed by Crystal Mc Carthy, both of Rainbow Warriors, and Natasha Khan.

In the 13-15 age group, Aleem Mohammed (only 12 years old), proved that he was several notches above his competitors by winning in a time of 49.08, while Cathal Long, 13, of Rainbow Warriors, was behind him in 55.28. Mohini Seejattan, 13, of Penal Triathletes, was first among the girls and third over-all in a time of 55.40, behind her came Raaisa Saney, 13, Shenelle Ramoo, 15, and Jesse de Nobriga, 13.

In the 12 and under age group, promising Sachin Seejattan, 10, of Penal Triathletes was the winner, followed by Jean-Marc Granderson, 8, Logan Raymond, 9, and Jared de Nobriga, both of Rainbow warriors.

The Try-a-Tri event for first-timers was won by Derek Quinton,21, followed by Richard Samnath, 21 and Cody Dookeran, 17.

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Tobias Wins Triathlon Trials

Article published on Mar 01, 2009.

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