AGM on Sunday 18 December 2011

The following amendments to the constitution have been suggested by the Ministry of Sport. they are published for review and are to be debated and approved at the AGM:


It shall be incumbent on all persons affiliated to or with the Federation to comport him or herself in a manner which will not bring the said Federation into disrepute. If complaints of misconduct arise they must be submitted in writing to the Secretary (of the Federation) no later than five (5) days after the occurrence of the undesirable conduct. Submissions after the allotted five (5) days will not be entertained.

All complaints shall be tabled for deliberation at a meeting of the Executive. In keeping with the rule of natural justice (Audi Alteram Partem) the subject (s) of the complaint will have the opportunity to appear before the Executive to be heard. If complaints are found to be of merit, then an investigation will be conducted by a member of the Executive, the President and or the Vice President, after which a report shall be prepared and the necessary response(s) issued.

Infractions may attract penalties which may range from written reprimands, which will be copied to the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, to litigation, and shall be contingent on the severity of same.


50.1 The Organisation shall adhere to the principles, intent and spirit of the World-Anti-Doping Code as updated from time to time and shall incorporate, whether by reference or otherwise, the provisions of the National Anti-Doping Policy established by TTADO.

50.2 The Organisation shall also comply with the provisions of the Anti-Doping in Sport Act 2011 and shall be amenable to the jurisdiction given to TTADO under the said Act.

50.3 Non-compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code, the National Anti-Doping Policy and/or the Anti-Doping in Sport Act 2011 may result in a loss of future Government support, whether financial or non-financial, for the Organisation and/or a loss of its status as an NSO.



51.1 The Organisation shall ensure that it has adopted appropriate and up-to-date child protection policies in keeping with international best practice in child protection schemes.

51.1 Non-compliance with Section 51.1 above may result in a loss of future Government support, whether financial or non-financial, for the Organisation and/or a loss of its status as an NSO.


Article published on Dec 07, 2011.

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