CARIFTA 2019 Re-cap

It’s been a week of celebrating as the Trinidad and Tobago Triathlon & Aquathlon team reminisce on the recently completed CARIFTA Triathlon and Aquathlon Championships held at Jewel Runaway Bay Resort in Jamaica on August 17th & 18th.

A total of 27 athletes flew to Jamaica to take part in the various Triathlon and Aquathlon races for the 11-12, 13-15 and 16-19 male and female age groups.

Points were awarded to the top 5 finishers in each category and these points lead to the country’s overall standings.

This was the 3rd annual CARIFTA Triathlon & Aquathlon Championships and it has quickly become a staple on every young developing athlete’s calendar. As athletes age out and younger ones reach competition age, the pool of athletes is constantly changing. It is also remarkable to see the level of talent within the group and what a difference are year makes for these competitive athletes as they gain confidence and/or physically develop in some way.

As the 2019 season comes to a close, we set our eyes on 2020. Apart from racing we hope to be able to have our athletes partake in several workshops either locally or abroad to help develop their understanding and ability within the sport.

The future looks bright for Trinidad and Tobago and the sport of triathlon and we hope to soon see some of our athletes on the international stage.

See below for a full look at the individual athlete placings.

Day 1


Boys: 16-19

Troy Llanos- 1st

Kareem Mason- 5th

Jean Marc Granderson- 8th 

Selik Leacock- 13th 

Girls: 16-19

Kirsten St Omer- 5th

Kristin Scott- 6th


Boys: 11-12

Tristan Scott 9th 

Harland Samuel- 11th 

Ross Worthman- 14th 


Jenae Price- 4th

Steffi Scott- 7th 


Boys: 13-15

Mathew Worthman- 2nd

James Castagne-Hay- 3rd

Graeme Waithe Toussaint- 5th

Justin Boynes- 9th 

Rowan King- 19th 

Girls: 13-15 

Kaya Rankine Beadle- 6th

Makaira Wallace- 8th

Rebecca Lezama-11th 

Imani Bishop- DNF (due to injury)

Day 2


Boys: 11-12

Dante Pichery- 10th

Tristan Scott- 11th 

Harlan Samuel-14th

Ross Worthman- 18th

Micai Dayal- 19th 

Girls: 11-12

Jenae Price- 7th 


Boys: 13-15

James Castagne-Hay- 4th

Mathew Worthman- 10th 

Rowan King- 11th

Peter Trepte- 12th 

Justin Boynes- DNS (due to injury)

Female: 13-15

Rebecca lezama- 11th 

Makira Wallace- 15th 

Kaya Rankine Beadle- 19th 

Imani Bishop-  23rd 



Troy Llanos- 1st

Jean Marc Granderson- 4th

Liam Trepte- 6th

Logan Raymond- 15th 

Girls: 16-19

Kristin Scott- 3rd

Rachel Grosberg- 4th

Kirsten St Omer- 7th 

CARIFTA 2019 Re-cap

Article published on Aug 23, 2019.

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